Petrophysics Software Help

Danomics Petrophysics software support is here to help you with whatever your needs. Below you will find information on how to use all of our petrophysical modules, petrophysics help guides, video tutorials, and more. If you need further help please contact us.

Please consider reading the Danomics Features Overview prior to starting. It provides a helpful guide to discovering what options are available and where they can be found in the platform.

Sample Data

How to Guides

These guides provide overviews on much of the basic functionality that is available within Danomics. We strive to keep these up to date, but there may be some changes with respect to styling or appearance. However, the mechanics should be largely the same. If you have any difficulties, please contact us.

Petrophysical Modules

Please note that we are continuously making small upgrades and modifications to make the modules more complete and clearer to understand. Although we try to capture these changes there may be some enhancements that are not reflected in the screenshots.

Petrophysical Help Videos

In each of the help videos below we try to include explanations of both the process for performing the interpretation in the platform as well as some advice on performing the interpretation with respect to how parameters should be set and the theoretical background. Some of the appearance may have changed as the software has been updated, but the underlying process will still be relevant.

Petrophysics API Documentation

Haven’t found the petrophysics help guide that you are looking for? Contact us with a request and we’ll see what we can do.

Other Help Pages

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