Danomics lets you customize equations and displays and incorporate your own code. There are four customization options:

CPI Config

Use the CPI Config to customize both equations and displays. The majority of Danomics modules are built using this config. It offers a rich set of sample-by-sample, array-based, and statistical equation options. It lets you define parameters including how they are displayed, conditional visibility, and key-well-based parameter remapping. It lets you define displays, cross-sections, and crossplots. It also includes options for defining curve aliases and export options.

Plugins API

The Plugins API lets you incorporate your own custom code in any language and running on any platform. For example, the Plugins API could be used to deploy code using TensorFlow.

Equation Playground

The Equation Playground is a simple module for interactively prototyping equations. See below for further details.

Python Playground

The Python Playground is a simple module for interactively prototyping equations in Python. See below for further details.

Equation Playground

The equation playground allows users to type in equations and display the results in a log panel. This is useful for quickly prototyping new equations before incorporating them into a config.

The equation format is the same as for CPI configs. Variables can optionally be prefixed with $ to indicate a parameter or @ to indicate a curve. The expressions are evaluated on vectors similarly to numpy or Matlab and include functionality for statistical and other vector-based functions, and they can invoke other equations.

Python Playground

The Python playground allows users to prototype Python code without setting up their own web service. Users type Python directly into the browser. Note that the code runs in a sandbox with limited availability of functions and libraries. See the Petrophysics Plugins API for a more comprehensive option.

Warning: The Python Playground runs in a shared sandbox. Danomics has taken multiple precautions to isolate users within the sandbox, but we cannot guarantee absolute isolation. We do not recommend using the Python Playground for sensitive data. Note that the Python Playground itself is completely isolated from the rest of Danomics, so the risk only pertains to data processed within the Python Playground.

Warning: The Python Playground uses an older API than the Plugins API. We anticipate updating the Python Playground in the future. Your existing Python Playground code may break after those changes.