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From petrophysics to production engineering, Danomics automates and scales your workflows.

Danomics Petrophysics

Multi-well by Design
Automate interpretations using our algorithmic approach to parameter distribution – custom interpretations for every well.

Powerful yet Simple
Run industry-standard workflows with the click of a button

Loaded with Features
From built-in mapping to infinite-scroll cross-sections to Python integration Danomics has you cove

Danomics Production Analysis

Automated Interpretations
Automatic and manual decline curve analysis integrated with an automated interpretation algorithm.

Integrated Mapping
Mapping and filtering tools that allow you to focus on the most relevant data.

Economic Results
An integrated economics package to transform production forecasts into economic results.

Danomics Consulting

Danomics offers consulting services including petrophysics and reservoir characterization, production and economics analysis, production analytics, and operator benchmarking. We can customize the software to meet your requirements. The Danomics team is experienced in software development, petrophysics, geology, and geophysics. Let our experts serve as an extension of your team and help you execute on your strategy.

Technical Guides

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Evaluation Workflow

At Danomics we believe that adherence to petrophysical workflows yields high-quality, consistent, and repeatable results. The results will still vary from interpreter to interpreter, but that variation should be smaller. Furthermore, when doing a “petrophysical Read more…

Mineral Inversion at Scale

Mineral solvers, or mineral inversion models, have long-lived in the realm of the petrophysicist even though they provide superior results, especially in mixed lithology systems, compared to traditional methods where a single matrix density value Read more…

Mineral Inversion Module

In Danomics Petrophysics Insights users are guided through a workflow that walks them through a number of modules. These modules are located via a dropdown menu at the top center of the window. The modules Read more…

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