Danomics’ Petrophysics Platform is a robust petrophysical toolkit that was built to give geologists and engineers the tools they need to integrate true petrophysical workflows into their mapping and reservoir evaluation processes.  Our software was specifically designed for subsurface staff working in onshore North America who need to run log analyses on 1000’s of wells and who want to move beyond simple cutoff mapping and into true petrophysical evaluations.

By using an algorithmic approach to petrophysical parameter selection Danomics has made it possible to automatically generate individualized interpretations for every well in your data set with the click of a button.

Current Features

  • Well-log display panels with full zoom, curve value inspection, and customization
  • Easy parameter entry linked to pre-built well-log display panels
  • Infinite-scroll cross sections that allow you to rapidly QC your results
  • Integrated geological and reservoir property mapping updated in real-time
  • Industry-standard and tested workflows to get you the answers you need.

For questions or to arrange a demo please contact sales@danomics.com.