Danomics offers four license types. These are:

  • Mapping license
  • Petrophysics license
  • Geoscience license
  • Production license

The Petrophysics, Geoscience, and Production license types must be paired with a Mapping license. To learn more about the features for each license type, please our Features by License Type page.

Mapping License

The Mapping license provides you with the ability to import and export data, perform basic data QC, visualize data on maps and in cross-sections. It covers your data storage and allows you to share files with users.

The license comes with full support and access to Danomics’ help staff. You’ll also have access to several Flow tools, which will allow you to process, edit, grid, and manipulate a wide range of data types.

Petrophysics License

Our Petrophysics license provides access to an advanced reservoir characterization workflow. You’ll be able to view data in well log plots, maps, cross-sections, cross-plots, and histograms and generate interpretations that can scale from a single-well to the basin-scale. Our petrophysics workflow includes data conditioning to get your data interpretation ready, a robust workflow that takes users from clay volume through volumetrics, and advanced tools that include functionality ranging from shear log modeling to fluid substitution analysis. Learn more here.

Production License

Our Production Analysis tool automatically declines out all of your wells instantaneously, while maintaining the ability to perform manual interpretations when more granularity is required. Users can quickly filter to the relevant data, generate multi-well type curves, and run first-order economics. Results can be displayed in maps or exported to a spreadsheet format. Users also have access to Danomics recovery factor analysis and rate transient analysis modules to allow for a deeper analysis into the reservoir. Learn more here.

Geoscience License

The Geoscience license lets you build out your structural and stratigraphic framework and create rich and meaningful map displays complete with shapefile and production overlays. The license also provides access to several Flow tools designed to accelerate your mapping workflows. Learn more here.

Licensing Basics

Danomics is 100% cloud-based and provides access on a subscription basis. Each licensed user has their own login credentials and their personal workspace. A company administrator can assign/re-assign licenses using the admin panel (the company administrator does NOT need a license).

Licenses are available on a 6-month and annual basis.