Danomics has flexible licensing that allows you to get the features you need at the price you want. Whether you are looking for geoscience, petrophysics, production analysis or a combination of those, we have you covered.

Licensing Basics

Danomics licenses its software on a subscription basis. This means instead of paying for the software up front and then paying annual maintenance you instead pay a small annual subscription fee. This typically leads to substantially lower up-front and life-time costs relative to desktop software and can often save you 50% over the first 3 years.

Our software licenses are distributed on a named-user basis and each user has their own login credentials. This means that when a user logs in they have access to their own personal workspace, data, and projects. User licenses can be transferred among users by a designated company admin(s).

Base License

The Base License is your ticket to the dance. It gives you your own custom workspace, file storage, and sharing capabilities. You’ll be able to upload and download data, perform basic data QC, and display your data on maps.

The Base license comes with full support and access to Danomics’ help staff. You’ll also have access to several Flow tools, which will allow you to process, edit, grid, and manipulate a wide range of data types. The Base license can often function as a standalone tool for Geotechs and data managers.

Geoscience License

The geoscience license takes you from data to drilling. You’ll be able to build a stratigraphic framework, generate maps, and interrogate your data with cross-plots and histograms. You can also build rich displays in map views, 2D and 3D views with options to display shapefiles and bubble plot overlays.

This license also provides access to several Flow tools so that you can rapidly generate a wide range of maps. The geoscience license also comes with a number of utility tools for identifying landing zones and performing grid to grid operations. You’ll also have access to additional tools such as the well data viewer and well planning tool .

This license can be used as a standalone tool or can be paired with the advanced petrophysics tools to allow you to perform full end-to-end analysis.

Advanced Petrophysics License

A Petrophysics license provides access to an industry standard workflow built on top of Danomics’ multi-well architecture . You’ll be able to view data in well log plots, maps, cross-sections, cross-plots, and histograms.

With our built-in curve aliasing, data preconditioning, curve normalization, and washout repair your data will be interpretation ready in no time. Our workflows are flexible and can be tailored to meet your evaluation needs. After working through the petrophysics you’ll be able to download results both as LAS files and as a spreadsheet summary. You’ll also be able to map your data and display it shapefile, well header, and production bubble overlays.

You’ll also have access to Danomics’ Flows which will allow you to quickly perform routine tasks such as generating grids and processing logs. For more advanced workflows Danomics’ built in Python programming capabilities have you covered.

Danomics Mineral Inversion model is 50-100x faster than our competitors, so you can get better answers faster. You’ll also get advanced tools such as lithofacies modelling, shear log modelling, geomechanics, wellbore stability, pore pressure, and more. Use machine learning to perform operations such as curve-infilling, curve prediction, and petrophysical results prediction.

Production Analysis License

Our Production Analysis tool lets you automatically decline out all of your wells instantaneously. You can manually adjust results, create multi-well type curves, and run quick-look economics. This tool lets you calculate EURs, 3/6/12 month cumulative production, and IPs. You can then rapidly map results, or export them to a spreadsheet. Whether you are looking to do basin-wide scoping exercises or quickly get an understanding of economics, this tool is for you.