Data loading in Danomics Petrophysics

Danomics Petrophysics software can take several different data types. The video below is a quick tutorial on data loading in the software.

Data Types Available

The Danomics platform has two project types – Petrophysics (.cpi files) and Decline Curve Analysis (.dca files). For these there are five basic types of data that the platform utilizes:

  • IHS 297 format well header data files (petrophysics & DCA projects)
  • IHS 298 format production data files (DCA projects only)
  • Well header data from spreadsheets (petrophysics
    projects only)
  • Well tops data from spreadsheets (petrophysics
    projects only)
  • Well log data in LAS 2.0/3.0 format in a zipped file folder (petrophysics
    projects only)

The video outlines how to upload each file type and explains how to create a zipped file folder if you are unfamiliar with that process.