In Danomics Petrophysics Insights users are guided through a workflow that walks them through a number of modules. These modules are located via a dropdown menu at the top center of the window. The modules are listed in the order in which a user should ideally proceed through a project. However, this order is not strictly enforced and the user can start at any module and can seamlessly move both forward and back through the modules. This help article will focus on the Water Saturation module.

Water Saturation Interpretation Module

To activate the Sw Interpretations module select “Sw Interpretations” from the module selection dropdown menu located int he top-middle area of the page.

The water saturation module is intended to help users calculate the water saturation. Methods include:

  1. Archie
  2. Archie PhiT
  3. Simandoux
  4. Modified Simandoux
  5. Indonesian
  6. Dual Water

All results are truncated between zero and one. Some methods require selection of additional parameters. These are outlined in the table below:

Archiem, n, Rw
Archie PhiTm, n, Rw
Simandouxm, n, Rw, res_clay
Mod. Simandouxm, n, Rw, res_clay
Indonesianm, n, Rw, res_clay
Dual Waterm, n, Rw, Rwb

Rw and Rwb are given at surface temperatures. Users should also complete the boxes for Surface Temperature and Geothermal Gradient as this information will be used to convert Rw and Rwb to down hole values at the formation temperature.


((@rw_ft/(@resistivity_final * @phie^$m))^(1/$n))

Archie PhiT

((@rw_ft/(@resistivity_final * @phit^$m))^(1/$n))


(@rw_ft/(2*@phie^m)) *(sqrt(((@vwcl/$res_clay)^2) + ((4*@phie^m)/(@rw_ft*@resistivity_final))) -@vwcl/$res_clay)

Modified Simandoux

(((((@vwcl/$res_clay)^2 + 4*@phie^$m/(@rw_ft*(1-@vwcl)*@resistivity_final))^(1/$n)) - @vwcl/$res_clay)/(2*@phie^$m/(@rw_ft*(1-@vwcl))))


(((sqrt( (@vwcl^(2-@vwcl))/$res_clay ) + sqrt( ((@phie^$m)/@rw_ft)))^2)*@resistivity_final)^(-1/$n)

Dual water

(((@rw_ft^2) / ((@phit^$m) * ((@vwcl * $phi_shale/@phit) * @rw_ft + (1-(@vwcl * $phi_shale/@phit)) * @rwb_ft)))/@resistivity_final)^(1/$n)

Output Curves by Method

MethodOutput Curve
Final Swsw
Archie PhiTarchie_phit
Mod. Simandouxmod_simandoux
Dual Waterdual_water