Danomics Petrophysics and DCA Express platforms are powered by the cloud and are designed to help your subsurface teams integrate robust petrophysics into their day-to-day evaluations. We provide best-in-class software at extremely competitive pricing and low upfront costs.

Petrophysics & DCA Express software pricing

Petrophysics ExpressDanomics All Access
Danomics Pricing
Annual subscription$2,500Contact UsContact Us
Monthly subscription
Total UsersUp to 3 users*Up to 3 users*Unlimited
Base License
Customer Support
Data Storage*
Data Loading
Base Workspace
Sharing & Collaboration
Decline Curve Analysis
Single-well DCA 
Multi-well type curves 
Diagnostic Plots* 
Production bubble mapping 
EURs, 3/6/12 month cums, IPs 
Corporate DB tie-ins$ $
New well NPVs & IRRs 
Forward looking NPVs 
Customizable Economics 
Custom Price Decks*$ 
Formula-based D&C costs*$ 
Economics API Plugin*$ 
Log Viewer 
LAS Reader 
Cross sections 
Tops Picking 
Map Essentials 
Max wells per analysis 100Unlimited
Curve normalization, standardization, and compositing 
Danomics Parameter Auto-eval  
Bad hole Identification 
Clay Volume (GR, SP, Neu-Den) 
TOC Analysis  
Mineral Inversion
Clay-corrected porosity 
TOC-corrected porosity  
Water Saturation 
Cutoffs Analysis 
Continuity Analysis  
Pore Pressure & Geomechanics  
Custom Equations & Configurations  
API Plugin Access  

*DCA Express and Petrophysics Express are only available for companies with 3 or less licenses. Companies with more users are required to upgrade to DCA Pro, Petrophysics Pro, or the Danomics All Access subscription.

*Not all features have been released – these currently include diagnostic plots, custom price decks, formula-based D&C costs, and the Economics API Plugin. Release is expected in phases over the second half of 2019.

*Data storage is provided to cover what Danomics views as reasonable use. The service is not intended to serve as a long-term data archive for companies.