ML-based Curve Repair

When Danomics set out to incorporate machine-learning into our petrophysical workflow we had the following objectives: Increase the data available for use in petrophysical calculations Eliminate the need for users to tune correlation parameters on a zone-by-zone basis for things empirically-based correlations like the Gardener-relation Improve the quality of interpretations Read more…

Full Interpretation Video

This video shows a full interpretation from start to finish. It covers data loading, creating a new project, setting up zones, selecting a key well and the full petrophysical workflow. It’s 90 minutes long, but it should serve as a useful tutorial for anyone getting started.

Volumetrics Module

Volumetrics Calculations This video will review the Volumetrics module, which allows you to calculate oil and gas in place. An update for using the Vasquez-Beggs and Hall-Yarborough calculations is provided below. Update: Using the Vasquez-Beggs and Hall-Yarborough Options The default options for volumetrics calculations allow you to: Select the primary Read more…