This article outlines how to use Flows to perform a simple operation on a points database. This example uses three flows building blocks:

  • PointsInput
  • PointsMath
  • PointsOutput

The assembled flow is shown below:

In the PointsInput you select a points database. In this case I have selected a small database shown below.

In this example, my PHIT_CORE property is in decimal, and I would like it to be in percent. Instead of going back to Excel or a similar outside editor, I have chosen to do this in Flows.

In the PointsMath I use the following equation:

PhiT_pct = PHIT_CORE*100

PhiT_pct is the column I am creating and PHIT_CORE is my existing column name. Note that you can use multiple columns in your equation if desired (e.g., add two columns together).

In the PointsOutput I provide a name for the new points database I wish to create. A screenshot of the updated database is shown below:

The new column has the exact name we gave it in the PointMath block and it has been multiplied by 100.

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