In this video I cover how to customize alias tables and user equations via the CPI Config.

Here is the code for the overrides added to the CPI Config for reference:


#Curve alias for Neutron porosity curve 
#Supplementing the NPHI alias table
#Note I have split this into more lines to make it look better in the article.  This is optional.           
  - key: nphi
    alias: [nphi, npolsws, cncs, cncsgs, cncssqh, hasc, hnps, nphis, nphs, nprs, pos, hnph, cn, 
            cn_ls, cnc, cnc_ls, cnc_ls_r, cncf, cncf_ls, cnl, cnpor, cnpor_ls, 
            cns, cns_ls, cns_ls_r, tnph, tnph_lim, tnph_ls, snp, snp_ls, snp2, 
            nphi_ls, nphi_ls_r, nphi1, nphil, npls, npor, npor_lim, npor_ls, nprl, nprl_ls, htnp, 
            hnpo, enph, fnps, fpsc, hhnpo, hnphi, ncn, ncnl, nphi_n, npor_1, npor_san, nporss, 
            npss_c, npss, pron, qnp, rpor, npdl, pol, hnpo_lim, htnp_lim, nphi_lim, 
            cncls, cncl, npor_2, nphi_l, tnph_1, tnph_2, npor_3, npdl1, nporls, npor_l, 
            nphi_1, npor1, nphi_2, nphi_3, nphi2, nphi3, neutron, cncl_1, npor_lim1, tnph_l, 
            cncls1, npdl_1, tnph1, tnph_3, npor_, cncl1, tnph_lim1, npdl_2, nphi_lim1, cnc1, 
            phin, nphi_4, npor_11, tphi_l, cncls_1, npdl_3, nphi_5, hr_nphi, npor_21, 
            npor_4, npor_5, nporls1, npdl3, npdl4, npor_lim2, nphi_6, nphi_7, nphi_l1, npor_6, 
            npor_7, npor_l1cnc_ls_5rc, mrid, cnclsqh, xnphil, nphi_cor, nphi_ls_1, 
            nphi_ls1, nphi11, nphils, nphl, npo1, npo2, npl, cnl_, cnl_ls, cnls, cnls1, 
            cnlsc, cnlsc1, cnpor1, cnporu, cnc_1, cnc11, cnc2, htnp1, htnp_1, htn1, htn2, 
            hnp1, nph1, nph31, nph41, hnpo1, nphu, nphi_mlw, neutphi, nph11, nph2, nph21, 
            nph3, nph4, nph5, nph6, nphi_11, nphi_12, nphi_3, nphi_bc, nphi_cs, npo3, 
            npor_ls1, phn3, snp, snp_1, snp_ls, snp1, snpls, neu]

  - key: vclay
    expression: (1.2*(@gr_final - 5) / ($gr_clay - $gr_clean))