Danomics is delivering a new, fresh solution to the oil and gas industry. Over the past several years many of the existing subsurface software solutions have failed to keep up with the digital transformation, the drive towards big data, and the need to leverage new technologies like machine learning. Danomics is continuously growing and evolving to deliver best-in-class solutions for geoscience, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering. Contact us to learn more about how Danomics can help your team get the better answers faster.

Reimagining the Subsurface Workflow

Danomics’ mission is to help subsurface professionals deliver best-in-class results across multiple domains. That’s why we’re building out an ambitious, collaborative, cloud-based interpretation platform that brings together geoscience, engineering, and petrophysics workflows.

We want geoscientists, reservoir engineers, and petrophysicists to have the tools they need in order to execute on their workflows instead of having to scale back their interpretations due to software limitations.

And through a combination of smart automation, machine learning, and the power of the cloud we can help make your analyses 30-50x faster than the competitors.

Danomics is the Subsurface Cloud

At Danomics we believe that cloud is the future of software and has several advantages:

  • Cloud is collaborative: Having all of your data and interpretations in a single cloud-based platform with easy sharing between colleagues and across disciplines helps to tear down the domain silos and enables true integration.
  • Cloud is scalable: The cloud can be scaled up to nearly infinite project sizes allowing you to expand to projects of massive sizes.
  • Cloud is fast: Danomics cloud-based workflows have execution times 30-50x faster than our desktop competitors. This means you can iterate and experiment until your analysis meets your standards – not until the run times push against your deadlines
  • Cloud is connected: Wherever you are the cloud is with you. If you have access to the internet, you’ve got access to all of your data and interpretations.
  • Cloud is powerful: With the cloud all your calculations are handled in scalable data centers, eliminating the need for expensive desktop machines.