Danomics’ decline curve analysis and economics package, DCA Express with Uplift Analyzer, gives users the tools they need to automatically forecast production for 1,000s of wells instantaneously, while maintaining the ability to QC and manually adjust results. Customers use DCA Express to:

  • Evaluate well economics across plays
  • Understand changes in reserves with operational activity
  • Perform competitor benchmarking and analysis
  • Value PUD and PDP packages

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Screenshot of DCA package on tablet.

You can start your trial today with no billing or credit card information required. The trial is 100% free and doesn’t commit you to any future purchase, but we’re sure you’ll see the value in it. And if you need more than 30 days to complete an evaluation, just contact us and we can coordinate that for you.

DCA Express w/ Uplift Analyzer includes:

  • Automatic and manual decline curve analysis and production forecasting
  • Multi-well type curve analysis
  • Powerful filtering tools to help sift through data and find the wells relevant to your analysis
  • Calculations for EUR, 3/6/12 month cum production, before and after tax NPVs, IRRs, and forward-looking NPVs with custom economics
  • Collaborative sharing tools and petrophysical integration
  • Mapping, diagnostic plots, and more

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