Get more value from your data

Danomics recognizes that today’s interpretations require operating at scale and with sophistication. Our cloud-based platform allows you to scale your projects to thousands of wells, while our proprietary multi-well workflows enable you to give every well its own customized interpretation. With drag and drop parameters, maps, x-sections, crossplots, histograms and more you’ll be able to analyze, visualize, and interpret more efficiently than ever before.

Powerful Reservoir Evaluation Workflows

Danomics’ built-in deterministic and probabilistic workflows put a full suite of tools at your finger tips. Our features include:

  • Automated back-end data management
  • One-click curve normalization
  • Clay Volume interpretations
  • Mineral inversion
  • Water saturation evaluations
  • Volumetric estimates
  • Rock physics including shear log modelling and fluid substitution models
  • Interpretation ready data on-load
  • ML-powered Washout ID & Repair
  • TOC Analysis
  • Porosity interpretations
  • Cutoffs analysis
  • Geomechanics and pore pressure analysis
  • Cased hole interpretations

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