Mission – Integrated Petrophysics

Danomics’ mission is to help geologist, engineers, and petrophysicists to integrate better reservoir characterization workflows into their day-to-day interpretations. We accomplish this by by building best-in-class petrophysics and mapping software powered by the cloud.

Vision – Petrophysics powered by the Cloud

At Danomics we believe that cloud is the future of software and has several advantages:

  • Scalable, fast, reliable, and secure
  • Enables access from anywhere at anytime
  • Eliminates need for high-performance desktop machines

The Team

Roland Gunther

Roland Gunther
Roland is a software engineer and geophysicist with 15 years experience with companies like Google, Halliburton, and Dolphin Geophysical. He co-founded and lead Open Geophysical, a seismic software company until it was acquired. Roland brings strong leadership to the software development team.

Cameron Snow

Cameron Snow
Cameron is a geologist and petrophysicist with 15 years of oil industry experience ranging from exploration and development. Cameron provides direct oversight for the subsurface evaluation workflows and how they are integrated into Danomics Products.