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Bring your geoscience, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering workflows into a single tool with Danomics. Accelerate your workflows, enhance collaboration, and get the most out of your assets.

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Geological map showing hydrocarbon pore volume overlain by production


Make rich & informative maps and cross-sections

  • Mapping w/ GIS capabilities
  • Production and shape file overlays
  • Cross-sections and tops picking
  • Reservoir property calculations
  • Basic log clean-up tools
Oil and gas production forecasts.


Automatically forecast production for 1000s of wells

  • Automated & manual DCA
  • Multi-segment forecasts with uplift analysis
  • Multi-well type curve analysis
  • Rate transient analysis for oil and gas
  • Scoping level economics for rapid decision making
Oil well log showing net pay.


Quantify reservoir properties across the play 50x faster

  • Best-in-class petrophysical workflow
  • Mineral modeling tools
  • Spatial interpolation for interpreting at scale
  • Advanced tools for deeper analyses
  • Adv. log clean-up tools

Customer use cases

Want to know what our customers are using us for? In addition to building geological frameworks, quantifying reservoir properties, and analyzing their production customers use for a wide range of use cases.


Unlock your in-house innovations by running your code directly in Danomics. With tools for building GUIs and one-click deployment you can deliver performance across your organization.

Deal Screening

Danomics automation and ability to interpret at scale lets you rapidly understand the value and quality of the inventory with a clear view of both production and reservoir properties.

Development Drilling

Maximizing returns requires understanding the play from reservoir properties through production performance. Danomics platform lets teams collaborate across disciplines.

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