Reimagining the Subsurface Workflow

Danomics is reimagining the subsurface workflow. We’re providing the tools you need to deliver best-in-class results across multiple domains. Our collaborative, cloud-based software brings together geoscience, engineering, and petrophysics workflows into a single platform to break down discipline silos and enable deep integration across your subsurface teams.

Geoscience and Petrophysics powered by the cloud

Danomics is subsurface scaled. Our petrophysics and geoscience software brings you a combination of robust petrophysical workflows, geoscience tools, and automation that can power your subsurface evaluations. Let us show you how Danomics geoscience and petrophysics software can take your reservoir characterization to the next level. From basic mapping and log analysis to core-calibrated petrophysics, mineral inversions, and geomechanics, Danomics has you covered.

Danomics Petrophysics

Danomics Petrophysics software incorporates best-in-class petrophysical workflows into a modern cloud-based platform. Our software is strong enough for the most demanding petrophysicists, but designed so that its accessible to any subsurface professional.

Screenshot of danomics petrophysics software

Multi-well by Design
Our multi-well petrophysical workflows, powered by the cloud, can scale your projects to 1000s of wells. Learn more about how our multi-well evaluations.

Powerful yet Simple
Petrophysics is at the core of our software… and we’ve made it accessible to every geologist and engineer. Danomics Petrophysics walks users through a robust, industry-standard workflow.

Loaded with Features
No matter your workflow Danomics has you covered. Our Petrophysics software has all the features you need.

Danomics Petrophysics Features

Our petrophysics software is loaded with features to power your reservoir characterization and subsurface evaluations. We have a powerful solution out of the box that includes access to the following petrophysical evaluation features:

Our software is built by petrophysicists and tested by petrophysicists, geologists, and engineers to ensure a streamlined functionality that gives you everything you need to advance your understanding of the subsurface. Doing detailed petrophysics? Not a problem – we have all the methods and tools you’ll need. Want to scale your interpretion to 1000s of wells? We’ve got that covered too – our petrophysical software was built around a multi-well petrophysics workflow and comes with features designed to help you automatically interpret 1000s of wells.

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Danomics DCA Express

Understanding production performance is critical, and with the volume of data available its never been more challenging to cut through the noise and find the signal. And that’s where Danomics comes in. Our software helps you get the answers you need quickly and easily.

Danomics DCA express on a tablet.

Automated Interpretations
Automatic and manual decline curve analysis integrated with an automated interpretation algorithm.

Integrated Mapping
Mapping and filtering tools that allow you to focus on the most relevant data.

Economic Results
An integrated economics package to transform production forecasts into economic results.

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Technical Guides

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